Recovery 3.0 - Tuesday Nights 6:30 pm - 1021 S. Burke St. Visalia

Recovery | 3.0 is a 12 Step experience inspired by the Oxford Movement, A.A., N.A. and other similar programs. It will encompass groups for alcoholic and drug dependence, codependency, adult children of alcoholic/dysfunctional families, men’s issues (sexual compulsivity), compulsive food issues, as well as a relapse prevention component. Other groups are anticipated being developed including survivors of sexual abuse trauma and a grand-parenting group for those primary care givers of grandchildren. As first introduced to the surrounding community in 1989, Recovery | 3.0 will also have a psycho-educational element. Pointing out the impact of denial, shame, and unhealthy family.

Trinity Ministries Group will have several staff members facilitating groups while volunteers are developing skills in sharing their experiences, strength, and hope. The relapse prevention group is one of those that will utilize trained therapist and is unique to recovery programs. There is a wealth of experience among the other facilitators bringing their background in A.A., Celebrate Recovery, N.A., AlAnon, and First Step. Due to the growing opioid problem, the methamphetamine epidemic, and the long term impact of several generations of increasingly compulsive/impulsive families, Recovery | 3.0 is developed to address the complexities in a multifaceted approach. Those familiar with 12 Step groups will appreciate the honesty and processing that will be a highlight of the meetings. An important component of Recovery | 3.0 will be the use of music to express “we’ve come to believe a Power greater than us can restore us to sanity”. We affirm Jesus Christ is our Higher Power, not a church, an organization, or people.

For further information you can call our office at (559) 738-0700

Tuesday Nights | 6:30pm
1021 S. Burke St.
Visalia, Ca. 93292